It is a trading company handling a nonferrous metal product, nonferrous metal raw materials, sale, the trade of the nonmetal scrap.
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Environmental Policy


Mitsui Bussan Metals is the one of the leading trading company in Japan involved in business covering metal products and metal recycling operations. This includes sales of scrap metals, an endeavor that directly contributes to the development of a more recycling-oriented society. We also sell non-ferrous metal products which contribute to environmental conservation in the aspects of weight and energy saving. Our business activities reduce the impact on the global environment and help contribute to a more sustainable development of society.

2.Fundamental Policies

As we, Mitsui Bussan Metals, expand our business mentioned in the above, we will support to build a more recycling-oriented society and to achieve sustainable growth. Our fundamental policies as below, guide us to build environmental management systems and to promote activities which improve the environment accordingly.
  • We will comply with the various regulations relating to environmental protection, as well as all agreements signed by us for promoting business activities.
  • We will give the utmost consideration to the environment to the extent technically and economically feasible by exercising an appropriate degree of influence in enlisting the understanding and support of involved business partners, as well as evaluating the impact that we have on the environment.
  • We aim to provide industrial solutions to environmental problems by promoting:
    (1)Our metal recycling business
    (2)Sales of non-ferrous metal products that offer decreased environmental impact
    (3)Reduction of environmental impact from the transportation of our handling products
  • We set environmental objectives and targets, establish a framework to successfully achieve those objectives and targets, and continually seek to improve environmental performance through regular assessment of our progress.
    We will let all our employees and all of those being involved in our company operations know our Environmental Policy, and also will announce in public.
April 1, 2018
Mitsuya Tsuda, President & Chief Executive Officer
Mitsui Bussan Metals Co., Ltd.

Quality Policy

1. We will comply with various laws, rules and regulations.
2. We continually pursue quality, delivery and service that meet the expectations of our customers.
3. We continually improve our business quality based on international standards and evaluations.
November 1, 2021
Mitsuya Tsuda
President & Chief Executive Officer
Mitsui Bussan Metals Co., Ltd.