It is a trading company handling a nonferrous metal product, nonferrous metal raw materials, sale, the trade of the nonmetal scrap.
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Non-ferrous metal products such as aluminum and copper can be easily recycled and are therefore well-suited for use in a recycling-oriented society. We can catch market trends and customer needs through continuous market research, and we supply them as materials for environmentally friendly products.
For example, we supply aluminum flat rolled products, extrusion products, diecast products, castings and copper products to various manufacturers. We contribute to a wide range of manufactured products, from beverage cans, packaging materials and home appliances to building materials, vehicles, railways, LNG carriers and aircraft. In addition, we handle rare metal, such as Titanium, Zirconium and Hafnium.

Aluminum Flat Rolled,Extrusion,Diecast,Casting Products,Forging products,Precision Processing Products,Copper Products,Ttitanium Components,Cobalt powder