It is a trading company handling a nonferrous metal product, nonferrous metal raw materials, sale, the trade of the nonmetal scrap.
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Secondary aluminum alloy needs thirtieth electricity required for primary aluminum production from bauxite and it is reproducible repeatedly. We procure such environmentally-friendly secondary aluminum alloy from various parts of the world and supply it to rolling mills and auto manufacturers. In addition, we handle non-ferrous scrap which can be a raw material of secondary aluminum alloy and we promote effective use of resources and resources recycling.
We create the new values to contribute towards the environment, society and its inhabitants. We also have the function to hedge the risk of price fluctuation of non-ferrous metals through our commodity transactions at the international exchange, and we back up our customers' transactions so that both sellers and buyers can attain satisfaction.

Secondary Aluminum Alloy, Lead Bullion, Zinc Metal, Platinum Metal , Titanium Sponge, Ferro-Titanium, Titanium Ingot, Magnesium